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Rosalind: Victorian Christening Gown Restoration in 2018

In 2018, I had the honour of working with Rosalind to restore and preserve her family's cherished Victorian Christening Gown.

When Rosalind brought the gown to me, it was in need of some tender care. Using a soft cotton material, I was able to repair the damage with fabric of a similar material from a dress that Rosalind had sourced. This also allowed me to create a matching bib and hat to complete the set.

I was able to reinforce original weakened panels by very lightweight, fine, shear, fusible interlining from The Lining Company. This technique provided the perfect support to extend the life of the gown and ensure it can continue to be cherished for generations to come.

It was a privilege to work on such a special project and be a part of this cherished tradition within Rosalind's family.

Here are a couple of words from Rosalind:

It was sewn, by hand of course, by my great-great grandmother Maryanne Manning in 1857 for her daughter. Since then it has been worn by 19 babies in my family at their baptisms. Since its restoration by Michaela I hope that the precious gown will last for many more years and many more family christenings.

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