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Our Dressmaking Process: A Personalised Journey to Your Dream Outfit

At our dressmaker studio, we provide a personalised and enjoyable experience to create a stunning, custom outfit you'll treasure for years to come. We understand that having a dress made is a personal journey, so we've designed a process to ensure the final result reflects your style and needs. In this guide, we outline the steps involved in bringing your dream outfit to life.

Initial Consultation:
During our first meeting, we'll discuss your requirements, preferences, and any specific dislikes. We'll consider the outfit's purpose, the venue, and what others will be wearing to ensure your garment is perfect for the occasion. We'll also explore silhouettes and colors that complement your figure and browse fabric samples together. If you have a clear idea of the fabric you want, feel free to purchase it beforehand or visit one of the recommended London showrooms for a great selection.

Design Exploration:
After the initial consultation, we'll experiment with various ideas and provide you with drawings, fabric quantities, and a cost estimate. If you're satisfied with the quote, confirm your order by paying a 50% deposit before or during our next meeting.

Toile Fitting:
At our second meeting, we'll finalize the design and fabric choice. Based on the measurements taken during our first meeting, we'll create a toile mock-up of the dress or body block, depending on the design's complexity. This stage allows you to visualize different neckline options, sleeve lengths, and fabric combinations before committing to the final design. Keep in mind that the toile is made of white cotton sheeting or a similar inexpensive fabric, not your chosen cloth.

Fabric Fitting:
Once the style is confirmed, we'll cut the outfit from the main fabric and lining. During this fitting, we'll focus on the finer details, such as finishing edges and adding embellishments. Depending on the outfit's complexity, we'll determine how many more fittings are needed before the final collection.

Final Collection:
The big day has arrived! During our initial consultation, we'll agree on a collection date. If it's a wedding outfit, we typically schedule the collection as close to the wedding as possible to ensure a perfect fit. Your outfit will be freshly pressed and packed in a breathable protective cover. Now, it's time to wear your beautiful creation and feel magnificent.

Share Your Experience:
Don't forget to share your experience with friends and family, and send us pictures of you wearing your stunning outfit. We also appreciate any feedback you may have, as it helps us continually improve our services for future clients.

Our dressmaking process is designed to adapt to your unique needs, style, and preferences. With 3-5 fittings and the ability to adjust the design throughout the process, you can be confident that your custom outfit will be a perfect fit and a stunning reflection of your personality.

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