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Elevate your outfit with this classy cover-up, which will not only make you feel glamorous, but also very cosy. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or simply looking to add some glamour to your casual winter/autumn coat, this shrug is the perfect choice. The buckle fastening is securely stitched on and adds a very practical addition to keep the wrap in place. The hidden pockets are handy to disguise a phone and other necessities for your convenience. 


This product is made to order in the United Kingdom. 

Faux Fur Long Hair Shrug

  • The standard size for this shrug is approximately 167 x 27 cm (66 x 11 in) - this will generically suit dress sizes around 8 to 20.


    Please enquire in the 'Add a note' section at checkout or press Personalise to choose a clasp option from the picture, and/or if you are interested in bigger or smaller sizes, as the wrap can be customisable for your size preferences. 

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